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Leadership change in GSA

Geraldine_VdAuweraGeraldine_VdAuwera Cambridge, MAMember, Administrator, Broadie admin

As many of you know, GATK is developed at the Broad Institute by a team called GSA, which for the past five years has been led with great vision and enthusiasm by the irrepressible Mark DePristo. Today, our team’s leadership is changing hands, as Mark leaves us to move on to the next stage in his career and Eric Banks (@ebanks) steps up to take over as Great Leader.

We’re banking on a smooth transition, so we don’t expect that the user community or the release cycle will be affected in any significant way.

That said, we leave you with a message from the man himself:

It's been a great pleasure to lead the GSA team at the Broad for the last five years, starting with the earliest concepts for the GATK to the mature and widely used product it is today. So it is with some sadness that I announce my upcoming departure from the Broad on Sept 20th, 2013 to become the VP of Informatics at a neuropsychiatric diagnostics startup in Lexington, MA called Synapdx. I'd like to specifically thank my long-term supervisors and mentors Stacey Gabriel, David Altshuler, and Mark Daly, whose support and encouragement was critical to my development and success at the Broad and beyond. I'd also like to congratulate Eric Banks, the current leader of GATK methods development and my long-term friend and natural successor, in his new role as head of GSA.



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