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Where to find the source for an old release?

mbockolmbockol Rochester mnMember

Hi Folks,

I'd like to perform a git checkout of the source used to build the following release:

At one point in time we made patches to that release and I need to re-apply them with some modifications. I have a checkout of the 1.6 tag from github, but I'd like to be sure I'm patching the exact same code used to build the 1.6-9-g47df7bb version above.

But why, you ask ...

Understanding that this release is ancient and yes we should really be using more up to date code, unfortunately a few hundred terabytes of data has already been analyzed with this version and the statisticians will require that analysis be repeated if we make the switch mid-project. I need to patch this version because we're running into an NFS file locking bug that's causing jobs to hang for which I think I've got a solution so long as I can get the source.



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