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GQ zero in reference mode and strand bias

sgoyalsgoyal San CarlosMember
edited December 2019 in Ask the GATK team

Why do we get GQ = 0 at chr6:42946358 ?

Command used -
gatk- HaplotypeCaller -I all_PE_sortedRG.bam -R hg19.fasta -L 6:42946053-42946662 -ERC BP_RESOLUTION -O temp_pe.vcf --dont-use-soft-clipped-bases true -new-qual true -bamout temp.bam

gvcf output at that position -
6 42946358 . T . . . GT:AD:DP:GQ:PL 0/0:191,45:236:0:0,0,5326

Its paired-end sequencing. Looking at IGV, all alt bases are around the end from one side of the strand. So, no actual variant call. Expectation is that GATK should be able to provide a confidence reference genotype.
bamout has no reads around that region.


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