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GATK-Mutect2 Running and Output Error in Terra

The problem I face is output data after Mutect2 running.

I am running the GATK-Mutect2 by using the practice pipeline for somatic mutation screening between the tumor and normal samples in Terra. I have cloned the demo workspace without any changes to the attribute except for the tumor and normal bam/bai index files. When I tried running the two sample files I got the error without any comments. The system automatically setted up to run by Cromwell 47 once I click the button "Run Analysis" on Mutect2 in Terra. The job status is finished but it displays the red triangle as well. Are there any critical steps or options that I need to use to have output results from Mutect2? I'm confused as to why there are no output files.

I'm using the workflow: fccredits-barium-rust-2976/Mutect2-GATK4


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