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ERROR:INVALID_INSERT_SIZE using picard CollectAlignmentSummaryMetrics

Hi all,

I am trying to run: java -jar picard.jar CollectAlignmentSummaryMetrics R=reference.fasta I=myfile.SORT.bam O=outputpicard.txt

my bam file was created using bwa and samtools from paired end reads.

bwa mem -t 24 myreference.fasta C1_1_Q30L50.fq C1_2_Q30L50.fq | samtools view -F 12 -Sb -o C1.Q30L50MAP.bam -
And the output was sorted using: samtools sort -o C1.Q30L50MAP.SORT.bam C1.Q30L50MAP.bam

But I have this error:

SAMRecord my reference length is too large for BAM bin field. A00551:34:H7KNLDSXX:1:2675:7048:35493 record bin field value is incorrect.

Then I followed the workflow for diagnosing SAM/BAM file errors with ValidateSamFile.
And the summary was:

## HISTOGRAM java.lang.String
Error Type Count

And the detailed list was:

ERROR: Record 272534869, Read name A00551:34:H7KNLDSXX:1:2670:8404:5963, Insert size out of range
I haven´t be able to resolve this problem, could you help me? i read in the forum similar questions but I could find the solution.

Thank you,

Best regards,


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