Is there any "pre copy number" value in the processing?

Dear Genome STRiP users,

I completed the SVCNVDiscovery process to a certain cohort, and also calculate the copy number by other software such as Lumpy. But when I compare these two copy number results, I found some samples with weird copy number values.

samples lumpy CN GS CN
sample1 3.05128 2
sample2 2.64587 2
sample3 2.56714 3
sample4 1.84659 1

It is hard to figure out the conversion between the continuous CN from lumpy to the discrete CN from GS. I am wondering if in Genome STRiP, it also generate continuous CNs and then discretize them to the final discrete value. If so, where can I get the "pre" value of the final discrete CNs or can I output this kind of "pre" value? Thank you very much.

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  • Hi @bhandsaker ,

    Thank you very much, and these variables are really helpful, especially CNF.

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