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How to select compound heterozygous variants from multi sample vcf?

Hi - I have a family (father/mother/child) trio that I'm trying to identify compound heterozygous snps in the child. I'm using the following code to select homozygous variants in the child that are heterzygous in the parents:

$JAVA -jar $GATK -T SelectVariants -R $REFERENCE -V family.snp.vcf -select "vc.getGenotype('${PROBAND_ID}').isHomVar() && vc.getGenotype('${FATHER_ID}').isHet() && vc.getGenotype('${MOTHER_ID}').isHet()" -o family.ar.hom.snp.vcf

I'm trying to figure out the select statement for compound het in the child that are also het in the parents but each allele is from a different parent. Is this possible in one line? If so (or not), what would be appropriate commands be?

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