Few questions on RealignerTargetCreator

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I've the following queries on running RealignerTargetCreator module in GATK1.4.

1) Is it recommended to provide the target capture BED file to RealignerTargetCreator in case of targeted/exome experiments? Without the bed file, the tool is taking long time (~6-7 hrs). What's the optimal way here?

2) Does running mark duplicates before or after 'RealignerTargetCreator' have any effect on the # of snps/indels? What is recommended?

Look forward to your comments.

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    Hi Raj,

    1) Yes, it is good to use an interval file to perform realignment on targeted/exome data.

    2) Ideally you would run Mark Duplicates before and after realignment; but in practice it's enough to just mark duplicates once, before realignment. The effect (of not doing it a second time) on variant calls should be marginal and can be ignored.

    I would however recommend that you upgrade to a more recent version of GATK, preferably the latest. You will get much better results (particularly for indels) and less chance of running into bugs.

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