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Seeking to hire Bioinformatics Specialist for an Individualized Medicine Center

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My name is Olguine at TAJ Technologies Inc (www.tajtech.com), Headquartered in Minnesota. TAJ is an IT consulting firm that specializes in providing premium technology solutions across a variety of industries. For over two decades, we’ve been providing technology staffing, consulting and project-based services to a number of distinguished clients.

One of these clients is a world renowned, non-profit medical practice and research group that has several locations throughout the U.S. This clinic is recognized as a leader in treating advanced diseases, ones often mistreated because of their complexity. Its “patient-first” mission has earned them top rankings in the U.S. News and World Report’s Best Hospitals for the past 20 years.

Listed below is a description of the position, followed by job qualifications and required skills. If you are still interested in the opportunity, please let me know when would be a suitable time to contact you for a brief chat. I look forward to speaking with you.
Title: Bioinformatics Specialist
Location: Rochester, Minnesota
Duration: 24 Months with possibility of Long Term

Description: Seeking to hire an Individual with Bioinformatics-Sequencing experience. The Employee will develop software and infrastructure for supporting nextgen sequencing analysis under the supervision of an Informatics Lead or designated senior level Informatics Specialists. Other responsibilities are to provide application development and testing support for bioinformatics unit, including testing and development of genomics-related projects develops scripts or software applications to support data management, data extraction, data integration and data analysis as required. An ideal Candidate should be knowledgeable in the handling and in the design of repository systems to contribute to the development of internal databases. The Candidate will have basic expertise in the informatics methods used to analyze data, interpretation of data analysis, writing reports, and contribute to the design of analytical procedures and execute analytical procedures in the framework of a specific project. A qualified candidate should have a degree in domain informatics (computational biology, computational chemistry, bioinformatics, clinical informatics, medical imaging, and medical informatics), and domain-relevant science experience in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, statistics, or health sciences. Proficiency building software applications using high level programming languages (java/c + +) and working in Linux environment is required.

Education: Master’s in Bioinformatics (Computational Biology, Chemistry, Clinical Informatics, Medical Imaging, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Or Health Sciences)
Location: Rochester, Minnesota
Duration: 2 years to Long Term Position

Required Skills
Genomic or Genetic Domain Experience 3 years
Experience with front end data analysis tools
Experience using CLCBIO, GATK, and BioSQL Tools
Java development experience (average or above) 5 years
Familiarity with XML and xml parser (java) 5 years
Database Experience 5 years
Websphere Experience 5 years
RAD Experience 2 years
Web Service 2 years
Analyst Skills 2 years
R/SAS Statistics 2 years
Working experience using XSL (EXtensible Stylesheet Language) and XSLT (XSL transoformation)
Experience with testing using junit test framework
Working experience with Linux and windows
Experience with Linux shell script
Experience with web development would be useful

Email: [email protected]
"TAJ Technologies Inc is an EEO/AA Employer"

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