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Picard LiftoverVcf b37tohg19 - gatk GetPileupSummaries works for b37, error for liftovered hg19

Adam_U0Adam_U0 Member
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I'd like to perform gatk GetPileupSummaries for my .bam file. However I'm using hg19 as reference through all steps of analysis. Hence I decided to make a LiftOverVcf to get .vcf based on hg19 so:

gatk GetPileupSummaries \
-I my_tumor.bam \
-V small_exac_common_3_hg19.vcf \
-O my_tumor.table

To get small_exac_common_3_hg19.vcf I run:

java -Xmx6g -jar picard.jar LiftoverVcf \
     I=small_exac_common_3_b37.vcf \
     O=small_exac_common_3_hg19.vcf \
     CHAIN=b37tohg19.chain \
     REJECT=rejected_variants.vcf \

I have to mention that I removed 'chr' from chain file, because it cased errors like this https://gatkforums.broadinstitute.org/gatk/discussion/11218/picard-liftovervcf-error-when-attempting-to-liftover-to-build-38

Function went fine that I recieved small_exac_common_3_hg19.vcf.

When I run:

   gatk GetPileupSummaries \
    -I my_tumor.bam \
    -V small_exac_common_3_hg19.vcf \
    -O my_tumor.table

Then error occured:

htsjdk.tribble.TribbleException$MalformedFeatureFile: Error parsing line at byte position: LineIteratorImpl(SynchronousLineReader)

However when I run whole function with b37 - success.

       gatk GetPileupSummaries \
        -I my_tumor.bam \
        -V small_exac_common_3_b37.vcf \
        -O my_tumor.table

In addition to this, I compared both .vcf's - b37 and hg19. They look exactly the same. The only difference is in the dec symbols in numbers; b37 has dots in QUAL column where hg19 has commas.

So my questions are: how to avoid this problem?
Shall I ignore it and use b37 for gatk GetPileupSummaries function?
Is it ok, that both small_exac_common files (b37 and hg19 after lift over) are the same?
As far as I know those references are pretty simillar, there are minor changes; so maybe I didn't catch them?

Many thanks,

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