How to pre-assign the multiple regions I want to process in each pipeline?

Dear Genome STRiP users,

I intend to process part of the chromosome in each pipeline rather than processing the whole sequence. I know there is an -L flag in the SVPreprocess, but it is not listed in the documentation (, but I do not know how to pre-assign multiple regions. More precisely, if I intend to process the 1-20000 and 25000-40000 of chr16, how can I set the -L?

Similarly, I am not sure if I can pre-assign the regions in SVDiscovery and SVGenotyper; if so, how can I pre-assign the multiple regions in these two pipelines?

Besides, in the SVCNVDiscovery, I know that there is a -intervalList flag, and need a .list file to set the interval list, but how can I set multiple regions, for example, do I need to put them in the different lines or separated them by the comma?

A further question is that I am not sure if the following two cases are equivalent:
1. Running SVPreprocess with -L chr16:1-50000, and then running SVCNVDiscovery with -intervalList chr16:20000-40000;
2. Running SVPreprocess with -L chr16:20000-40000, and then running SVCNVDiscovery with -intervalList chr16:20000-40000.

May I have your suggestions about these questions? Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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