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NOT able to pull GATK4.0.5.0 image in Firecloud

cbaocbao Member, Broadie ✭✭

even if I set the disk space to 200G ...

2018/06/08 19:16:16 I: Switching to status: pulling-image 2018/06/08 19:16:16 I: Calling SetOperationStatus(pulling-image) 2018/06/08 19:16:16 I: SetOperationStatus(pulling-image) succeeded 2018/06/08 19:16:16 I: Writing new Docker configuration file 2018/06/08 19:16:16 I: Pulling image "broadinstitute/[email protected]:76b5037167dac880a9651802dc06c7dcdfd487cfefd6f4db4f86623dd9a01ec9" 2018/06/08 19:19:14 W: "docker --config /tmp/.docker/ pull broadinstitute/[email protected]:76b5037167dac880a9651802dc06c7dcdfd487cfefd6f4db4f86623dd9a01ec9" failed: exit status 1: sha256:76b5037167dac880a9651802dc06c7dcdfd487cfefd6f4db4f86623dd9a01ec9: Pulling from broadinstitute/gatk ae79f2514705: Pulling fs layer 5ad56d5fc149: Pulling fs layer 170e558760e8: Pulling fs layer 395460e233f5: Pulling fs layer 6f01dc62e444: Pulling fs layer 98db058f41f6: Pulling fs layer dc9c3ece7593: Pulling fs layer c82b47286f3d: Pulling fs layer 16a3034a6570: Pulling fs layer ea15f6798d84: Pulling fs layer 978d56db40a6: Pulling fs layer 4b3ec876807a: Pulling fs layer 504f977e3da2: Pulling fs layer 66e54a65e68a: Pulling fs layer d86f1090b756: Pulling fs layer fb33d0c493c0: Pulling fs layer fdc65578d1e6: Pulling fs layer 400c525cbc78: Pulling fs layer 7848d22029f8: Pulling fs layer 0bf9f050734a: Pulling fs layer 65528f070366: Pulling fs layer 7eadcbdc8859: Pulling fs layer bc989902ecb5: Pulling fs layer 8ab4e34e8939: Pulling fs layer fbbe2d889fb9: Pulling fs layer ce9f6f562c58: Pulling fs layer 54bdd2bf38e8: Pulling fs layer 395460e233f5: Waiting 6f01dc62e444: Waiting 98db058f41f6: Waiting dc9c3ece7593: Waiting c82b47286f3d: Waiting 16a3034a6570: Waiting ea15f6798d84: Waiting 978d56db40a6: Waiting 4b3ec876807a: Waiting 504f977e3da2: Waiting 66e54a65e68a: Waiting d86f1090b756: Waiting fb33d0c493c0: Waiting fdc65578d1e6: Waiting 400c525cbc78: Waiting 7848d22029f8: Waiting 0bf9f050734a: Waiting 65528f070366: Waiting 7eadcbdc8859: Waiting bc989902ecb5: Waiting 8ab4e34e8939: Waiting fbbe2d889fb9: Waiting ce9f6f562c58: Waiting 54bdd2bf38e8: Waiting 170e558760e8: Verifying Checksum 170e558760e8: Download complete 5ad56d5fc149: Verifying Checksum 5ad56d5fc149: Download complete 395460e233f5: Verifying Checksum 395460e233f5: Download complete ae79f2514705: Verifying Checksum ae79f2514705: Download complete dc9c3ece7593: Verifying Checksum dc9c3ece7593: Download complete 6f01dc62e444: Verifying Checksum 6f01dc62e444: Download complete ae79f2514705: Pull complete 5ad56d5fc149: Pull complete 170e558760e8: Pull complete 395460e233f5: Pull complete 6f01dc62e444: Pull complete 16a3034a6570: Verifying Checksum 16a3034a6570: Download complete ea15f6798d84: Verifying Checksum ea15f6798d84: Download complete 98db058f41f6: Verifying Checksum 98db058f41f6: Download complete 4b3ec876807a: Verifying Checksum 4b3ec876807a: Download complete 504f977e3da2: Verifying Checksum 504f977e3da2: Download complete 978d56db40a6: Verifying Checksum 978d56db40a6: Download complete d86f1090b756: Verifying Checksum d86f1090b756: Download complete c82b47286f3d: Verifying Checksum c82b47286f3d: Download complete 66e54a65e68a: Verifying Checksum 66e54a65e68a: Download complete fb33d0c493c0: Verifying Checksum fb33d0c493c0: Download complete 7848d22029f8: Verifying Checksum 7848d22029f8: Download complete 0bf9f050734a: Verifying Checksum 0bf9f050734a: Download complete 65528f070366: Verifying Checksum 65528f070366: Download complete 7eadcbdc8859: Verifying Checksum 7eadcbdc8859: Download complete bc989902ecb5: Verifying Checksum bc989902ecb5: Download complete 8ab4e34e8939: Verifying Checksum 8ab4e34e8939: Download complete fbbe2d889fb9: Verifying Checksum fbbe2d889fb9: Download complete ce9f6f562c58: Verifying Checksum ce9f6f562c58: Download complete 400c525cbc78: Verifying Checksum 400c525cbc78: Download complete fdc65578d1e6: Verifying Checksum fdc65578d1e6: Download complete 98db058f41f6: Pull complete dc9c3ece7593: Pull complete c82b47286f3d: Pull complete 54bdd2bf38e8: Verifying Checksum 54bdd2bf38e8: Download complete 16a3034a6570: Pull complete ea15f6798d84: Pull complete 978d56db40a6: Pull complete 4b3ec876807a: Pull complete 504f977e3da2: Pull complete 66e54a65e68a: Pull complete d86f1090b756: Pull complete fb33d0c493c0: Pull complete fdc65578d1e6: Pull complete 400c525cbc78: Pull complete 7848d22029f8: Pull complete 0bf9f050734a: Pull complete 65528f070366: Pull complete 7eadcbdc8859: Pull complete bc989902ecb5: Pull complete 8ab4e34e8939: Pull complete fbbe2d889fb9: Pull complete ce9f6f562c58: Pull complete failed to register layer: Error processing tar file(exit status 1): write /root/.cache/pip/http/c/d/7/5/4/cd754ee3e1f32413f09f243232a69bc3b2d214c7d6bca9509ded9809: no space left on device


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