SortSam before MarkDuplicates?

Hi GATK team,

I'm setting up a GATK best practices workflow. It is described here: that after mapping, which I did like this:

bwa mem -M -t 8 Homo_sapiens.GRCh38.dna.primary_assembly.fa R1_001.fastq.gz R2_001.fastq.gz > unmarkedDuplicates.bam

...I should MarkDuplicates. I do this like this:

gatk MarkDuplicates \
    -I unmarkedDuplicates.bam \
    -O markedDuplicates.bam \
    -M DuplicationMetrics.txt

This fails with the following error:

picard.PicardException: This program requires input that are either coordinate or query sorted. Found unsorted

Am I doing something wrong or should it be reversed in the description/best practices? It is of course easy to just sort first but I really want to follow your guides as close as possible.

Highest regards,


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