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[INSTALLTEST] --> VCF is missing

Hi everyone

I tried to launch the install test script ( All seems to work : no error in the logs, no error in the stderr. But at the end, I have this message :
INFO 10:29:26,082 QCommandLine - Script completed successfully with 2 total jobs
grep: test1.discovery.vcf: No such file or directory
Files - and benchmark/test1.discovery.vcf differ
Error: test results do not match benchmark data

Let me know which information can I show you to resolve my problem.

Thank you.


  • bhandsakerbhandsaker Member, Broadie, Moderator

    The script is attempting to compare test1.discovery.vcf against benchmark/test1.discovery.vcf (which contains the expected results).

    Did you check the log files in the test1/logs directory? Posting the full output (perhaps as an attachment) might be helpful.

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