Test sample data of GATK Best Practice

Hi GATK team,
I want to know test-data set of GATK Best Practice.
My aim is check GATK4 perfect-run on my environment.
Especially, from "fastq and reference" to variant-called-vcf file.
(both Germline and Somatic).

I want to run GATK4_best_practice_pipeline in my environment.
And after I got result, I want to check my result compare with "GATK team right answer" result.

So, If you don't mind, Would you show me the data_set for testing GATK4 ?

(If it's ok, The data_set is little and can_run_faster, It is more nice for me...)



Best Answer


  • Hi,
    Thank you for reply! I will check these data!

    Now I try to develop Galaxy-tools-wrapper of GATK4 , so I asked this question.
    I want to check my wrapper work well , and after developed, I want to show other wrapper-users public-test-data-set as "check data".

    Anyway, I will check and try!

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