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Cluster stuck on "Creating"

tmajariantmajarian Member, Broadie


I tried to start a cluster through FireCloud's notebook feature this morning. Through the FireCloud UI, the cluster has been stuck on "Creating" for ~4 hours. This same status is reflected using the Swagger UI page.

I have tried using the Swagger clusters API to directly stop the cluster with no luck, getting this response:

  "statusCode": 409,
  "source": "leonardo",
  "causes": [],
  "exceptionClass": "org.broadinstitute.dsde.workbench.leonardo.service.ClusterCannotBeStoppedException",
  "stackTrace": [],
  "message": "Cluster amp-t2d-op/ldsc-cluster cannot be stopped in Creating status"

My main goal is just to kill the cluster, avoiding as many charges as possible. Do you have an ideas for the best course of action now?



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