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Submission outputs API endpoint fails for 'orchestration' WDLs

If you have a WDL that imports other WDLs to run, but the top level WDL has no tasks/calls of its own, then the API endpoint for getting submission outputs fails.

Example: https://api.firecloud.org/api/workspaces/unity-benchmarking-development/sandbox-test/submissions/1a8dff7e-a9dc-4bbf-b412-bd16fc5d3d13/workflows/4df9be44-6944-427a-b938-742a4b65d6a7/outputs


502: "message": "Object is missing required member 'calls'"

You can still make an API call to get the call-level metadata (above URL, minus '/outputs' on the end) and that works. But just getting the outputs via the API fails for this kind of submission.


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