Better handling for " too long" error

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My FC method is failing with an inscrutable error:

Invalid value for field "": too long: 132 bytes, want no longer than 128 bytes

Is this 128 byte limit something universal that I'm bumping up against? I don't know what parameter might be overflowing. Hard to understand this error. None of stdout, stderr, nor JES logs were written to/delocalized, so it seems like the error is happening from the very start.

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  • ekofmanekofman Member, Broadie
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    I think this is fixed by shortening the workflow and task names. This would be a good thing to validate before allowing people to run a method.

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    Very good point @ekofman !

    I will share this with the Product team.

    Additionally, in a week or so we will be introducing a new section to our Forum called "Feature Requests." Forum users will be able to vote on each other's requests and see all the requests we've received in one place. I am going to move this post to start populating the section. You will see the new section the week of the 9th.

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