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FireCloud DataShuttle Release

KateNKateN Cambridge, MAMember, Broadie, Moderator admin

Alpha version 0.1.1

Release Overview

Broad Institute’s Genomics Platform & Data Science Platform announce the general availability of the FireCloud DataShuttle 0.1.1. The FireCloud DataShuttle allows users to easily browse files, download and upload data directly between FireCloud workspaces & Google buckets and your local drives, and monitor the status of these transfers.

The FireCloud DataShuttle was developed to facilitate the work of researchers and project managers who transfer a high volume of files and desire a more efficient and clearer process.

Download the FireCloud DataShuttle installer for your machine here:

| Windows | Mac | Linux |

Feature Summary

This alpha release of FireCloud DataShuttle includes the following features:

  • Browse and select files or folders associated with FireCloud workspaces.
  • Export selection to a Google or Amazon S3 bucket that a user can write to.
  • Monitor the status of transfers as they proceed.
  • Fixed many known issues.

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