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Unable to create new billing project

I'm working on integrating user-supplied billing account for the Single Cell Portal, and I tried creating two new billing projects recently, and both have failed to create properly. They were created using a billing account I set up externally with my personal gmail account ([email protected]). Both were created via the API.

The two projects are called scp-test-a33f87a6f9977058 and scp-new-account-12345.

The first (scp-test-a33f87a6f9977058, created on Monday) lists its creation status as 'Error', and has this for an error message: code: INTERNAL_ERROR internal_error { exception_type: "com.google.apps.framework.request.StatusException" exception_message: " generic::INTERNAL: FindOrCreateOrganization failed" exception_to_string: "com.google.apps.framework.request.StatusException: generic::INTERNAL: FindOrCreateOrganization failed" public_error_code: "1442070103427144400" } - code 13

The second (scp-new-account-12345) was created a day later (yesterday), and still shows a status of 'Creating'. It's been like that for almost a day now.

Can someone take a look and see what's going on? These projects are just being used for integration testing right now, so it's fine if they need to be deleted, but it appears that creating new billing projects doesn't work at all right now.


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