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Problem with workspaces that were previously published to the data library

After another data release on the GDC website, we found out that the hg38 workspaces that have already been published to he data library now contain the wrong data.
To fix that, we needed to delete and recreate those workspaces with the new data.
I accidentally deleted all 66 workspaces without unpublishing them first, because I wrongfully assumed that the unpublishing would happen automatically once the workspaces are deleted.
This has created a situation where there're now 66 dead links in the data library.
Every time I click one of them it says that I'm not authorized to see the workspace (but I know that the real problem is that the workspace just doesn't exist).
Recreating a workspace with the same old name does not revive the link. If I recreate the workspace and also publish it again, it creates a new link in the data library (so now I have 2 links with the same name where one is accessible to me and one isn't).

I need someone to help me remove the dead links from the data library.

Thanks in advance!

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