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submitted status in during long time

frcldtestfrcldtest Saint-PetersburgMember

I launched the workflow around 2 hours ago and it still has a status "submitted". When I try to launch any different workflow I have a same problem, they don't work and has submitted status. Furthermore , if I abort them, I can see that they still "running" from the main page. I suspect that something is wrong...


  • jneffjneff BostonMember, Broadie admin

    Yesterday, there was a known issue with the Google Job Execution Service (JES). Please try to re-run and let us know if the issue still persists.

    Also, please note that the Broad Institute will be closed for winter break starting on Friday, Dec 23rd and will reopen on Tuesday, Jan 3rd. We apologize for the delay in communication during this time.

  • frcldtestfrcldtest Saint-PetersburgMember

    it was launched after 9 hours delay, but still I see running statuses on my maun page.

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