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Workflow submission status

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FireCloud reports the status of workflows that you have submitted in the Monitor tab. There are currently 8 different status indicators:

  • Queued : Each workflow is initially queued by FireCloud pending processing by the Cromwell execution engine. Note that each user is permitted 1000 active (either running or aborting) workflows at a time; if you submit more workflows than that number they will be queued until some of your previous workflows have become inactive (either through failure or completion).

  • Launching : The recently launched workflow is being sent to Cromwell.

  • Submitted : The workflow has been received by the Cromwell execution engine and an associated workflow id has been generated.
  • Running : The workflow is being actively processed by Cromwell.
  • Aborting : Crowell has processed the request to abort this workflow but the abort is not complete.
  • Aborted : The workflow has halted completely due to an abort request.
  • Succeeded : The workflow has successfully completed.
  • Failed : The workflow has terminated abnormally due to some error.

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