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Workspace attributes

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Workspaces attributes are key-value pairs that are globally accessible to all methods within a workspace. If you enter workspace attributes in the workspace Summary tab, they can serve as inputs for any method you run within your workspace.

Click Edit and Add new to add a new workspace attribute. The types of values and example formats are below. No quotes are required:

  • String - gs://foo
  • Number- 10
  • Boolean- true or tRue or TRUE (case insensitive)
  • List of Strings, Numbers, or Booleans- 1,2,3 or true,false,false (comma separation required)

You can also click Import Attributes and Download Attributes to import or download workspace attributes as a tab-separated-value (TSV) file.

When importing a new TSV file for workspace attributes, note this important file format requirement: the first column header only MUST begin with workspace:[Key]. Enter the Value in the row below each Key. To enter multiple workspace attributes, simply enter a new column with a Key row and Value row.

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