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(howto) Set up a Google Billing Account (non-Broad users)

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If you are a Broadie, see this article instead.

This procedure involves two main steps: creating a Google Billing Account, and adding the FireCloud Billing Account User to link it to FireCloud.

1. Create a Google Billing Account

For anyone who's not a Broad affiliate, there are three different ways to create a Google Billing Account for use with FireCloud.

  • Create your own Google Billing Account using a credit card or bank account
    Go to the Google Developers Console Billing page and click on Add billing account. You will need to provide billing information, but can start with a free trial that includes $300 in compute and storage credits.

  • Through your institution
    Talk to your institutional procurement office and see if they have a preferred account set-up method with Google (such as a third party reseller or an existing account).

  • Set up a Google Billing Account through a third party reseller
    There are many resellers out there who provide additional billing options at no extra cost.
    A reseller we work closely is Onix Networking. You can contact them at [email protected] or (216) 584-ONIX

Once you have created a Google Billing Account information, you should be able to access your account information by navigating to the Google Developers Console Billing page and clicking on Billing. The primary identifier of your account is the number below Billing Account ID.

2. Add the FireCloud Billing Account User

In order for FireCloud to recognize and charge your billing account, you must add [email protected] as a Billing Account User to your Google Billing Account.

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Console page.
  2. Navigate to the Google project aligned to the Google Billing Account you will use for FireCloud. You can do this at the top of the page next to the Google Cloud Platform logo.
  3. Click Billing from the hamburger menu.
  4. A new window will open. On the right panel, below "Permissions" and will see "Add Members." Add [email protected] and select the role Billing Account User. Click Add.


After you add the Billing Account User, you should be able to Create a new FireCloud Billing Project.

Once you have created your FireCloud Billing Project, you can remove the FireCloud Billing Account User from your account by clicking on the trash can icon next to [email protected] on your billing account page. Please do not remove the Billing Account User until after you create a FireCloud Billing Project.

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