(howto) Set up a Google Billing Account (Broadies only)

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If you are a not a Broad internal user, see this article instead.

Broadies can request a Google Billing Sub-Account to bill FireCloud usage costs to a Broad Managed Cost Object. A Google Billing Sub-Account will allow you to create FireCloud Billing Projects. Any charges incurred within these FireCloud Billing Projects will ultimately be billed to the Broad Managed Cost Object.

Before you request a Google Billing Sub-Account, please speak to your Grant Admin and Principal Investigator (PI) to determine the availability of funding, and to discuss a monthly and total budget for FireCloud.

Once you are ready to request a Google Billing Sub-Account, please email [email protected] with subject FireCloud Google Billing Sub-Account Request and provide the following information:

  • Broad Managed Cost Object
  • Name of your PI
  • Monthly Budget
  • Total Budget

We will use the budget information to set up email alerts to notify you when spending exceeds a percentage of your budget. By default, alerts are sent at 50%, 90% and 100% of your budget. After we set up your Google Billing Sub-Account, you can modify your budgets and alerts through the Cloud Platform Console. Refer to this Google Help article for more information.

Please note that it may take up to several business days to process your request. We will verify information with the Grant Admin and PI as needed, and may request additional information.

Once we process your request, we will send you an email including the Google Billing Sub-Account ID, which you can then use to Create a new FireCloud Billing Project.

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