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Release notes: May 18, 2017

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This week's release is entirely UI (User Interface) changes. These changes are designed to make your experience using FireCloud much more straight forward.


  • In a previous release, we began alerting you of Javascript errors. However, the information provided was not helpful. It was also too noisy to be useful so the alert has been shut off.
  • The Sharing... link previously found in the main body of the Summary page of a Workspace is now a Share... button in the left panel of buttons.
  • After previewing a file for upload, you can change the file, select it again, and the preview will reflect the changes you made
  • Workflow inputs and outputs are now shown in tables.
  • Workspace attributes are in consistent order whether viewing or editing. Previously they switched their order seemingly arbitrarily.
  • Workspace clones have "_copy" appended to the name by default.
  • The UI will prevent you from entering more than 80 characters in the synopsis field of the method creation dialog. Previously entering >80 characters would fail without telling you why.image
  • Page in background no longer scrolls when dialog is open.
  • When monitoring a running workflow, the Abort button was not very bold on the page. The button is now red and shows its icon.
  • The entity viewer now has a close button, and a back button if another entity has been clicked within it. (see screenshot to the right)
  • A 'View' link has been added to the Monitor table to make it clearer what you click to view your workflow details.
  • In the Analysis tab of your workspace, the 'Select Tracks' button used to be in the same row as all the other tab headers. It is now within Analysis tab.
  • Buttons and links that spawn dialogs now have ellipses at the end of them. (e.g. Clone...) Buttons that just spawn 'are you sure?' style confirmations do not.
  • Readers of workspaces no longer see the config edit button. Previously they could see and click on it, but it would throw an error when they tried to save changes.
  • Links which will open a page in a new window now have an icon image to indicate that.
  • Unknown statuses of workflows are now show as unknown rather than defaulting to error. (e.g. if you clicked on a workflow run just after launching it and it hasn't quite started yet.)
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