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Release notes: May 10, 2017

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New Features

  • You can now set Authorization Domains when creating a workspace to prevent users from accidentally sharing data with unauthorized users. Read more about them here.
  • You now have the ability to create & manage groups in the user menu.

    • Create a lab group for your lab to make sharing data with all members easier
    • Use a group as an Authorization Domain to ensure data isn't shared outside your lab.
  • You can now set email notification preferences in FireCloud on the workspace page using the bell icon in the top right.
    You can also push a notification to all users of a workspace to give a heads-up that data was added or changed using an API endpoint. There is no user interface for this yet.

  • You can now create a new method by cloning an existing workflow. Within the workflow's detail page in the methods repository, there is a Clone... button. Cloning brings up the usual Create Method dialog, but with synopsis, description, and wdl pre-populated from the old method, and "_copy" added to the name.


  • We found a vulnerability to a cross-site scripting attack vector in the Library search suggestions. This has been fixed, and the search box is no longer vulnerable.
  • When importing TSV files where a quoted field included tab characters, we used to parse those tabs as separate columns. e.g. "This has tabs" would parse as 3 separate columns. This has now been fixed so you see a single column containing all the text in your quotation marks.
  • Uncaught JavaScript errors will now be displayed to you in a popup. Before, these were not displayed at all, making errors difficult to diagnose.
  • Previously, if you navigated to page 2 or higher of Library search results, left Library, and then returned to Library, you were correctly returned to the page you were on. However, the left-hand facets did not populate. This has been fixed, and facets now populate regardless of which page you're on.
  • A hotfix for Cromwell version 26 has been incorporated. It now retries on more Google errors and fixes the timing diagram for pre-empted jobs.
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