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Release notes: May 4, 2017

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New Features

  • When importing new WDLs, the Method Repo will now validate your WDL syntax against the currently deployed version of Cromwell
  • FireCloud now supports Cromwell version 26. Along with this comes better retrying on failed calls, and if/then/else statements.
  • A new workspace specific role, "Catalog", can now be granted to users who need to edit library metadata related to a workspace and do no have write access to the workspace itself. Owners of workspace or FC admins can grant "Catalog" permissions to specific users via the API.
  • Library related permissions have been reworked. Specifically, having a "Curator" role is now only required to publish or unpublish a workspace in the Data Library.
  • Warning banners will now show at the top of the page when FireCloud is experiencing service issues.


  • If you typed plain text in front of your link to your google bucket (e.g. BLAHgs://), Firecloud would try to trim the display to remove the plain text. We no longer do that.
  • You were previously warned twice about including personally identifiable infomation from the Import Workspace Attributes screen. We now only warn you once.
  • Previously, email links to workspaces would not work. Now, email links will take you directly to the workspace, as intended.
  • There was an issue with FireCloud's usage of Google APIs which caused slowness and errors throughout the app. This is now resolved.
  • When you clicked on a link in the Data Use Limitations section to view said limitations, the link would not work. It now works, and you can download the data use letters as before.
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