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Release notes: Apr 13th, 2017

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New Features

  • You can now use the FireCloud APIs to create and manage groups of users! Groups can be used to easily manage permissions on workspaces and billing projects. For example, you can maintain a group with all members of your lab and give that entire group access to a workspace. Previously, you would have needed to add each lab member individually. The API command for this feature can be accessed under the "Groups" section on api.firecloud.org. Once you have created a group using the API, you will be able to make use of the group through the web interface in relevant areas such as the workspace sharing dialog.

  • Workspaces can now be catalogued with known Structured Data Use Limitations as found in the DUOS system. When a curator enters a known ORSP ID when cataloging and publishing a dataset, the data use limitations defined for that ORSP ID will be displayed on the dataset's workspace summary page.


  • The Data Library search function now offers better suggestions. Previously, the system failed to suggest terms that included words joined by an underscore, such as the names of TCGA datasets.
  • Queued workflows should now launch more quickly.
  • Names with colons are now supported in Method Configurations.


  • Clones of a published workspace (dataset) were erroneously shown as published; this has been fixed.
  • When launching a method configuration with a root entity type that has no data, the data table in the launch modal had an entity type selected, which is not appropriate; this no longer happens.
  • Hitting the return or enter key while a button is selected produced duplicate requests; this no longer happens.
  • It was not possible to clone workspaces that contain deleted method configurations; that functionality has been restored.
  • When downloading data of type "set", the files inside the downloaded zip file had a .txt extension; this has been changed to the more appropriate .tsv extension.
  • A Cromwell bug caused jobs to get stuck in Submitted state; this was fixed by upgrading Cromwell to a fixed version.
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