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Release notes: Mar 30th, 2017

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New Features

  • Cromwell's call caching feature (aka "job avoidance") is now available in FireCloud. It is turned ON by default but can be disabled by unchecking the checkbox that appears in the method launch dialog. For more information, see this article.
  • A new API endpoint for deleting metadata entities (Samples, Participants, etc). See the Swagger API page for endpoint details.


  • The workspace listing page now renders workspaces as soon as they are available. Previously, there was an unnecessary delay.
  • "Primary Disease Site" is now available as a facet in the Library.
  • The Swagger documentation has been updated so the endpoint to abort submissions is described as such (rather than "delete submission"). This does not affect the underlying API, nor how it is invoked.


  • Fixed a bug where Library search would sometimes reset its result set, without updating the text currently in the search box, when clicking on certain regions of the page.
  • Some people thought it would be a good idea if the data tab showed the data you imported after you finished importing it rather than throw an error and break the modal. We reluctantly agree that this seems reasonable.
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