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Release notes: Feb 28th, 2017

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New features

  • Realms: We are beta releasing a new feature to system admins only called "realms". Borrowing the concept from security technology, realms are defined as a mechanism used to protect web application resources. In the FireCloud world, we want to protect workspaces and the data within them from being shared with unauthorized users. Realms provide a way for administrators to define a group of authorized users and associate that group with a workspace. This will help ensure that people who clone data associated with a realm, cannot freely share the data unless the cloner is in the realm. System admins will be able to use realms APIs first so that we can test and gather feedback. If a system admin has created a workspace and associated it with a realm, the user will see the realm name in the summary tab and will notice a restricted indicator in the workspace list. The APIs and the user interface to manage and create realms in FireCloud will be available in the future for all users and documented on our site. Stay tuned!


  • Catalog dataset wizard now allows browsing through all of the pages even if “Required” fields are not filled out. Additionally, the data use section is no longer required. Good news for window shoppers.
  • Catalog dataset wizard gives an indication that the user should scroll for additional fields. This is mainly because Macs will hide the scroll bar. Thanks Apple.
  • Users are alerted when importing or exporting a method with invalid WDL.
  • Errors when creating Billing Projects will give more informative messages. However, due to now there are fewer errors that can be made.
  • Users without Google Billing Account and/or Billing Projects are given information about how to set them up.
  • Minor updates to Library APIs in Swagger.


  • Changing a method snapshots to one with invalid WDLs resulted in an endless spinning wheel of death.
  • Reindexing an empty Library would fail.
  • Super power-users with over 1k workspaces were unable to load the Library.
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