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Read Timed Out : Failed to upload authentication file

esalinasesalinas BroadMember, Broadie ✭✭✭

I tried to run a WDL and after seeing no error in the UI, I found the following by inspection in the network tab of the developer tools of chrome:

  "submission": "2017-02-02T21:20:36.546Z",
  "status": "Failed",
  "failures": [{
    "causedBy": {
      "message": "Read timed out"
    "message": "Failed to upload authentication file"
  "workflowLog": "gs://fc-7119068c-40f9-4960-9dee-1d73730e9c1c/37d7cdf5-0cf2-4f46-acc1-93fe38eb4e5e/workflow.logs/workflow.62621f11-b9ca-407b-bcae-84f0ed2086d3.log",

Sometimes in the UI I only see "Read timed out" but now the UI has no message but inspection via the network tab shows the "Read timed out" message but also shows the "Failed to upload authentication file" which I'm not sure if I've ever see that coupled with "Read timed out" before. Since I've never seen them together before I post this message.


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