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Best Practice workflows for Cancer Genome Analysis

jneffjneff BostonMember, Broadie, Moderator

These are Best Practice workflows provided as FireCloud methods by the Broad's Cancer Genome Analysis group. Additional details are provided in this article. If you need help applying these methods, please post a comment on the forum article.

Method Config | Snapshot IDWorkspaceDocs
MiniMutationCalling_Cfg | 1 Workshop_MiniMutationCallingREAD ME
MutationCalling_QC_v1-1_BETA_cfg | 3 Broad_MutationCalling_QC_Workflow_BestPracticeREAD ME
MutationCalling_Mutect_v1-2_BETA_cfg | 5 Broad_MutationCalling_Mutect_Workflow_BestPractice_OAREAD ME
MutationCalling_Filter_v1-0_BETA_cfg | 5 Broad_MutationCalling_Filter_Workflow_BestPractice_CAREAD ME
MutationCalling_CN_v1-0_BETA_cfg | 1 Broad_MutationCalling_CN_Workflow_BestPractice_OAREAD ME
Gistic2_v1-0_BETA_cfg | 3 Broad_GISTIC2_Workflow_BestPracticeREAD ME
ClusterAnalysisCNMF-Expression_cfg | 1 ClusterAnalysisCNMF_V1_TutorialREAD ME
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