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Method to force overwrite when copying entities between workspaces

timdeftimdef Cambridge, MAMember, Broadie

I was using copy entities endpoint (https://api.firecloud.org/#!/Entities/copyEntities) but encountered a problem during repeated copies.

For example, I was trying to copy two sample sets, TCGA-ACC & TCGA-ACC-TP from broad-firecloud-gdac/dev into another workspace, but encountered a problem and stack trace on the second copy:

... info about entities ...
"message": "Unable to copy entities. Some entities already exist."

Since some of the samples overlap between TCGA-ACC and TCGA-ACC-TP, it refuses to copy, but I still want the sample_set attributes from both. Is there a way to force this operation to succeed? I am willing to live with the consequences of overwriting the existing entities, but would like the option to remove this check.



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