How to remove a method from a workspace?

In the course of development, I needed to modify the wdl for a method. I had already attempted a test in my workspace, but it failed. I redacted the copy stored in the FC Methods Repository. I modified my local copy of the wdl and pushed it up to the FC, but did not change the method name. But then I'm not able to export that method to the same workspace. So far, the only solution that I've found is to give the method a new name. Can the original method be removed from the workspace?

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  • abaumannabaumann Broad DSDEMember, Broadie ✭✭✭

    We just rolled out a feature that should help with this. If you go into the method configuration and click edit, you should see that the Snapshot ID has a dropdown. Each time you push the same method to the repository, the snapshot id will increase - this is the version of that method. Each version should be listed in that dropdown.

  • daveMdaveM BostonMember

    Thanks, but I don't think that is making a difference. Here is what I see when I attempt to export the method to a workspace a second time:
    Error 409: bamutil already exists in fcwgs-140819-1/SomVarCall-Dev
    Occurred: September 29, 2016 11:29 AM -04:00
    Source: rawls

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