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Release notes: August 25, 2016

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New Functionality

Methods and Method Configs
You can now upload your method (WDL) directly through the FireCloud UI. In the Method Repository, click on Create new method.... Then, copy/paste your WDL into the WDL text block or click Load from file... to load a WDL file from your computer.

Previously, you had to upload your method (WDL) from the FireCloud CLI. This option is still available, but using the UI may save you time!

Another new feature enables you to update the method snapshot ID in a Method Config. Previously, you had to create a new Method Config every time you updated your method (WDL).

Projects and Billing
You will notice a Billing drop-down item if you click on your User Profile. This takes you to a Billing Management page that displays any FireCloud Billing Projects to which you have access. Project owners can use this Billing Management page to add and remove FireCloud users to their projects. We will be expanding this functionality in future releases.

Viewing Attributes and File Paths
In the workspace Summary tab, we expanded the field length that displays for workspace attributes. In the workspace Data tab, we also modified entity attributes columns to display the end of the file path that includes the file name.

Maintenance Mode
We created a message to display in FireCloud when our system is undergoing maintenance.

Recent Bug Fixes

-We began to implement fixes to support arrays as Method Config inputs.

-We also corrected a recent issue that was causing some of our Best Practice and Tutorial workspaces to fail. This issue was related to updates to Google JES and has since been fixed.

Please stay tuned for documentation updates. In the meantime, let us know if you have any questions.

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