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Tool Developers

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Tool Developers

What resources are available for tool developers?

Please post your tools questions to the FireCloud Forum.

What is the procedure for porting externally developed tools into FireCloud?

  1. Put a tool in a Docker image and push it to Docker Hub.
  2. Create Workflow Description Language (WDL) workflow that references the tool’s Docker image in Docker Hub.
  3. Use Cromwell to test the WDL and dockerized tool locally.
  4. Use the FireCloud Command Line Interface (CLI) to push the tool to FireCloud and run a dockerized tool on FireCloud.

For more information, go to the Tool Developers topic in the User Guide.

Will there be an SDK (or other appropriate mechanism) for others to contribute to FireCloud?
FireCloud may support an open source SDK package in the future to simplify tool development. Currently, the individual components needed to develop tools are all open source and can be downloaded free of charge (e.g., Docker, FireCloud-CLI, Cromwell).

The Tool Developers topic in the User Guide includes the steps to download these components.

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