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Access and Registration

jneffjneff BostonMember, Broadie admin
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Access and Registration

How do I register for FireCloud?
You must first have a Google-managed identity such as a Gmail account or institutional Google Apps account.

To register, go to Firecloud.org, then click on Use FireCloud. You will be asked to provide basic information during registration. Refer to the Registration topic in the User Guide for more information.

Why does FireCloud require me to have a Gmail or Institutional Google Apps account?
Currently, FireCloud is built on top of the Google Cloud Platform and utilizes some Google features, including its authentication services.

Do I need to create a Google Billing Account or FireCloud Billing Project to use FireCloud?
No. Tutorial workspaces will be created for you when your account is activated. These do not require a FireCloud Billing Project or Google Billing Account to view. However, to compute on data within these workspaces, you must clone them. Cloning or creating a workspace requires access to at least one FireCloud Billing Project.

In addition, if another FireCloud user shares a workspace with you, granting you WRITER access, you can compute within that workspace.

If you want to create and clone workspaces, you will need access to a FireCloud Billing Project. Google Billing Accounts are required if you want FireCloud administrators to create your own FireCloud Billing Project that transmits charges to a Google Billing Account.

Steps to set up a Google Billing Account and information about FireCloud Billing Projects can be found here.

Why is FireCloud requesting offline access?
You may see a screen requesting offline access during the registration process. FireCloud would like to acquire new Google access tokens on your behalf. This is useful for large jobs that may take longer to process than the lifetime of a Google access token. For more information, please see this answer in the FireCloud Forum.

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  • malavehmalaveh UCSFMember

    Just to clarify, to follow the tutorials, what are the associated costs (cloning workspaces, launching analysis, etc)?

  • jneffjneff BostonMember, Broadie admin
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    If you clone a tutorial workspace, there are minimal costs to launch an analysis using the pre-loaded data. For example, if you clone broad-firecloud-tutorials/MiniMutationCalling_V1_Tutorial and launch an analysis on the pair, HCC1143_pair_100_gene_250bp_pad, the cost would be under $1.

    You can find more information about FireCloud costs here.

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