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What is the best way to get support for FireCloud?
Please post your questions to the FireCloud Forum. If you have a billing or registration question, you can email [email protected].

Why can’t I create or clone a workspace?
First, you must have access to a FireCloud Billing Project. All compute and storage costs in FireCloud are tracked through FireCloud Billing Projects, which transmit charges to Google Billing Accounts. When you create or clone a workspace in FireCloud, it is linked to a single FireCloud Billing Project that tracks all storage and compute costs for that workspace.

FireCloud administrators must create for you a new FireCloud Billing Project or grant you access to an existing FireCloud Billing Project. See FireCloud Billing Projects and Google Billing Accounts for more information.

Why am I seeing Internal Server Error or Gateway Timeout?
FireCloud may be temporarily down. Please wait five minutes and refresh your screen in FireCloud. If you still see this message, please let us know through the FireCloud Forum.

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