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day one firecloud newbiequestion ... can't pull docker image

I type in linux command line: docker pull broadinstitute/cromwell
I see ...
Using default tag: latest
Pulling repository
Tag latest not found in repository

Any easy solutions?

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  • jneffjneff BostonMember, Broadie, Moderator admin

    Hi Richard,

    Are you trying to install Cromwell locally?


  • I want to download a template docker image (one that hopefully gives me a clue on how to access a TCGA bam file , access this file, produce output and fetch ithe output).
    I just figured I'd pick a random one to see what the Lord Protector is all about, see if he's got a good starting template.

  • Is there a docker image for this "BroadMutationCalling" I can pull? I'm really interested in accessing the TCGA bam files and if that image can access the bams then I can probably figure out how to do things.

  • jneffjneff BostonMember, Broadie, Moderator admin

    Hi Richard,

    A Docker image contains a tool for FireCloud. The FireCloud platform is responsible for gathering workflow and task inputs from the data model and method configuration, and passes them into the tool at run time. In other words, the tool itself is NOT responsible for accessing the BAM files, this is done by the FireCloud Platform. So pulling a docker image containing a tool, or a WDL representation of a workflow will not provide you with any insight into how BAM files are accessed.

    Maybe it would be helpful if we could arrange a time to chat on the phone about this?


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