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Increasing system.input-read-limits.

sachetsachet BostonMember, Broadie


I get the following error when trying to run a workflow in Firecloud:

Failed to evaluate 'CGA_Production_Analysis_Workflow.PONs_data' (reason 1 of 1): Evaluating read_objects(PONs_list) failed: [Attempted 1 time(s)] - IOException: Could not read from gs://firecloud-tcga-dcc-closed-access/reference/PoNs/final_summed_tokens.hist.bin: File gs://firecloud-tcga-dcc-closed-access/reference/PoNs/final_summed_tokens.hist.bin is larger than 10000000 Bytes. Maximum read limits can be adjusted in the configuration under system.input-read-limits.

Would appreciate any help on how to increase system.input-read-limits. Thanks.

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