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Output of workflows not overwriting values in the sample entity

I have a workflow named rna-summarization, and its output is a list of files. Lets call this output 'outputFiles'.

After running that workflow, I have another workflow named move-outputs-rna-summarization. This workflow simply takes the 'outputFiles' list, and moves it to another GCS bucket.

What I noticed for a couple runs this morning, is that the output of rna-summarization didn't overwrite the existing value in the samples entity. So even though rna-summarization completed and had output to move, move-outputs-rna-summarization didn't receive this as input.

Screenshot of output of rna-summarization:

Screenshot of move-output-rna-summarization, missing the files from above:

I notice this only happens for samples that had existing values in the sample entity. For samples that did not contain outputFiles before, the workflows completed successfully and the files were properly moved.


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