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upload and storage of WGS data in Firecloud


I plan to upload a large set (~100) of WGS .bam/.bai files to Firecloud.

I was wondering what is the cost of uploading and storage of data (per Gb) in the Firecloud workspace?

Could you please recommend the most time- and cost-efficient way of uploading a large set of data to Fireceloud?

Thank you!

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  • kklonkklon Member
    Thank you SChaluvadi!

    Do you know if such calculator is also available for uploading files using the google bucket?

    I found information that Firecloud provides an option to use a FireCloud DataShuttle for uploading/transfer a high volume of files.

    Could you please let me know what would be the cost of using the FireCloud DataShuttle and how it compares in terms of cost and time of uploading to the direct use of google bucket?

    Thank you!
  • kklonkklon Member
    Thank you AdelaideR!

    Does it mean that in general the process of uploading data is free, either using google bucket directly or data shuttle?
    I can see now that the cost of storage depends on the mode of storage, i.e., multiregional, regional etc. Downloading data is probably also not free.

    Thank you.
  • kklonkklon Member
    Thank you SChaluvadi! This document was very helpful.
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