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Unlink NIH account from Firecloud

Hi, I'm just wondering how I unlink my NIH account from my Firecloud account. The link expires on Jan 20 but I'm just wondering if I can do it sooner. Thanks!

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  • SChaluvadiSChaluvadi Member, Broadie, Moderator admin

    @aboynton Let me check on that and get back to you!

  • Hi @aboynton - There is currently no functionality via the UI to unlink an account prior to link expiration; however, can you explain further the reasoning for wanting to complete this action? We can then think through whether it is a valuable product feature to add going forward. Thank you!

  • aboyntonaboynton Member

    Hi, thanks for your response!

    So, I would like to try the new CGA WES pipeline, which utilizes TCGA controlled-access data for a 8,334 panel of normals. I need to link my Firecloud account to an NIH/eRA commons account that has dbGap authorization and access to the controlled-access data. As a postdoc I don't have that access, but my PI does, so I would like to unlink my NIH account from my Firecloud and see if linking his NIH account to my Firecloud would grant me access to the TCGA controlled-access version of the CGA pipeline. So I was just hoping to try that before the link expiration. But at this point that's only 5 days away so I can just wait. Thanks!

  • aboyntonaboynton Member

    Okay thanks!!

  • birgerbirger Member, Broadie, CGA-mod ✭✭✭

    Did you try just re-linking your FireCloud account with your PI's ERA credentials. I suspect this will override the previous linkage (to your ERA account).

    A heads up that if you do want to use the controlled Access PoN for your running of the CGA WES workflow, you should place your workspace in the TCGA Controlled Access authorization domain.

  • aboyntonaboynton Member

    Cool, thanks! I didn't have a chance to, I'll probably try that next week and by then my link will have expired.

    Can I place my workspace in the TCGA Controlled Access authorization domain myself prior to linking up to my PI's eRA credentials, or do I need to link up my PIs ERA credentials before I can do so? And how do I place it into the controlled access authorization domain anyways? Thanks so much!!

  • birgerbirger Member, Broadie, CGA-mod ✭✭✭

    You need to link your FireCloud account to an eRA account that is authorized for TCGA controlled access data in order to add it to the authorization domain.

    Also, you should note that I don't believe using your PI's eRA credentials is kosher; you should take a closer look at eRA Commons identity and dbGaP usage guidelines.

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