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Release Notes: November 2018

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November 14, 2018

  1. The FireCloud UI now has links in a few additional places for improved usability:
    • when viewing the list of method configurations in a workspace, the name of the referenced method is now a link.
    • when viewing a single method configuration in a workspace, the snapshot id now links to the referenced method.
    • when viewing a submission, the method configuration name is now a link.
  2. The API to get call-level metadata for a workflow now supports query parameters to control which fields should be
    returned in the response. This is particularly useful for querying specific data about a workflow where the full
    response is otherwise very large. Cromwell has offered this functionality for multiple releases but it has not been
    exposed via the FireCloud API. See the Swagger documentation for specifics.
  3. The login process now eliminates an unnecessary Ajax request for the Terms of Service content allowing for a slight
    incremental performance improvement during login.

November 1, 2018

  1. The workflow timing diagram in the Monitor tab of the Workspaces has been updated for stability. Additionally,
    where the diagram previously displayed “myworkflow.mycall” for each row, it now displays “mycall” to save space.
  2. The “all_broad_users” is now a managed group.
  3. The link for the set in the Data tab now works for types that are not part of the FireCloud model.
  4. Leo now does not allow deletion of a cluster while in the “Creating” status.
  5. To offer continued platform security, FireCloud will now require users to actively accept FireCloud’s Terms of
    Service prior to using the platform. The Terms of Service will be displayed once a user logs into FireCloud. Users will
    be unable to work on FireCloud until the Terms of Service have been accepted.
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