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Hi -

I'm working with Hail through jupyter notebooks in Firecloud. I've come across what seems to be a bug.

After going through the setup for a cluster and clicking "Create", I was returned to the notebook list page but no cluster was added to list with the "Creating" status (with no error message given). I tried again to create the cluster, using the same name, and got

Error: Cluster amp-t2d-op/make_wgsa_kt already exists in Creating status
Code: 409
Source: leonardo

After ~10 minutes, the notebook list page still does not show my cluster. See screenshots below for the behavior.

I'm concerned that a large cluster is running without actually showing up on this list page. Is there another way to ensure that no clusters are running without showing up in the FC UI?



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  • tmajariantmajarian
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    Awesome. Thank you @bshifaw


  • tmajariantmajarian Member, Broadie

    Could this be a problem with the naming? dataproc does not allow underscores in the cluster name. Here I used "make_wgsa_kt".

  • KateNKateN Cambridge, MAMember, Broadie, Moderator admin

    I'm not sure on that, but let me loop in someone else who might know.

  • tmajariantmajarian Member, Broadie
    Accepted Answer

    Awesome. Thank you @bshifaw

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