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Method added to repository via API not showing up in UI

I'm working on some integration for a new application that will add methods to the Methods Repo (via the API) on behalf of users. Everything works properly, but I'm noticing something strange with the FireCloud UI - the methods that I'm adding via the API don't show up in the list of 'My Methods' (or public methods either, if they're public).

Any method I add to the repo via the UI shows up fine. Here's an example:


However, here is one I added via the API:


Both are publicly readable, and both list me ([email protected]) as the owner. Furthermore, both method namespaces list me as the owner as well. I can pull up both methods directly via their URLs, but only the first one that I added through the FireCloud UI shows up in the UI under 'My Methods'.


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  • bistlinebistline
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    Figured it out. The methods were added with the wrong entityType. I had supplied 'task', and not 'workflow'. It works properly now.

    This isn't a bug - just developer error...


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