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Breaking change in Cromwell34 - can the version be chosen?

dannykwellsdannykwells San FranciscoMember ✭✭

Today's surprise update to Cromwell34 not only killed all of our existing workflows, but appears to have introduced a breaking change:
Expecting memory runtime attribute to be an Integer or String with format '8 GB'. Exception: 1G should be of the form 'X Unit' where X is a number, e.g. 8 GB
This is tremendously inconvenient, if true, since now we have to go make this (trivial) upgrade to all of our pipelines.

My question is:
1. Is this in fact due to the Cromwell version?
2. Can Firecloud prioritize introducing a feature to allow you to freeze the version of cromwell that you are running so we can avoid issues like this in the future?


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  • dannykwellsdannykwells San FranciscoMember ✭✭

    Hi Kate,

    Thanks for getting back to us! I appreciate all of the work that has gone into Firecloud (we love it!)

    We totally get that having version be an option would be super hard. My colleague alerted me that Broad best practice pipelines are already "in compliance" meaning the changes we have to do are more minor. So i think I'll be able to get the rest of our pipelines up to standard today.

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