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Edit WDL from within method configuration -- would be much more efficient and time-saving workflow

ekofmanekofman Member, Broadie
edited July 2018 in Feature Requests

If I'm the owner of a method, I should be able to edit its WDL and create new snapshots from it directly from within the Method Configuration view. Otherwise it's really an annoying workflow in which I have to

0) realize WDL needs to be changed. Navigate away from method config view, which is where I'm actively working on getting a job to work by updating attributes and inputs
1) go to method repository
2) find my method
3) click Edit to change the WDL
4) save new snapshot
5) go back to method config view and refresh page
6) click edit
7) update snapshot
8) voila

Instead, it would be so much nicer if it looked like this:
0) Realize WDL needs to be changed
1) Click edit method, directly edit WDL in method config view
2) Save new snapshot directly in method config view, snapshot for method config is automatically updated to this
3) voila.

As long as it was only method owners who were allowed to do this, this wouldn't cause any workflow issues for others using the method.

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